TdS 3 Stage: PanoAs a cyclist, especially when you are on a longer tour, the weather plays a great role. Sure there are clothing and technical options for every situation, but you still have to ride and cope with it. Luckily the weather seem to like our Tour de Skandinavia and so it stays wonderful most of the time. The third day makes no exception. Again, we tried to get up as early as possible, had a foggy breakfast together and packed our van. We are getting used to this daily routine and got the job done quickly.
Our route guided us to the dykes again, where we had to ride some gravel roads. Those caused flat tires again, but we are getting used to it. At least it gives some time to check out the surrounding and landscape.

I rode the full stage, approx 154 km!TdS 3 Stage: Gravel roadsTdS 3 Stage: Group RideThe beautiful view at the waterfront and to our first longer stop behind Esbjerg shortens the waiting time.
Entering Esbjerg we where amazed by all those mansions directly at the beach and the road right next to it. In a small village behind Esbjerg we took a short longer break and enjoyed some coffee and cappuccino next to the beach.
TdS 3 Stage: Beach
_1350029It was hart to leave and continue our route. The rest of todays route was characterized by strong head and cross winds, the stronger riders battled it out for the rest until we splitted in different groups for the last 15 kms and finished with our prefered speed. In my case – I rode a 32-35 kmh pace with Henne, had a nice conversation and a ice cold coke. Probably the best way to end a stage. With just some minutes behind the last riders arrived at the camping site and we cooked some noodles together, drank some beers and faded away the evening.
Tomorrow will see our longest stage, let’s see how this will turn out.
Harbor_1340996TdS 3 Stage: CowsTdS 3 Stage: Small villagesTdS 3 Stage: Coffee breakTdS 3 Stage: KirkeTdS 3 Stage: Group TdS 3 Stage: Epic ModusTdS 3 Stage: IngoTdS 3 Stage: Ice cold!