AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"
Again, it took more time than I was hoping, but in the end everything turned out really great. I hope you like this collection, read on to learn more!

For this late summer collection I teamed up with a friend of mine, Arif Demir, he is a graphic designer and typographer. He played around with our „The Kids all Ride“ slogan and came up with a really nice script version and a great Pixação version. Especially the Pixação, a tagging/graffiti style from the southeastern metropolitan areas in south america, version look awesome, with it’s bold lettering.
The „TKAR Script“ is available as a Baseball Longsleeve Shirt. The „TKAR Pixa“ is available with a large black print on a white or grey heather shirt and also as a special reflective version! The reflective version features a large reflective print on a black shirt!

AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Pixa"AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Pixa"AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Pixa"

This late summer collection also marks the first part of a really special collaboration.
Peter Aurisch, a multi-talented artist from Berlin, drew some amazing artworks exclusive for AURORA and i’m really happy to finally release the first artwork today. I’m a huge fan of his art and i’m very proud that I can work together with him.

AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

Check out Peter Aurischs first Artwork for AURORA, It’s called „Ride 1“.
His signature style with a super fine screen print on a soft Baseball Longsleeve Shirt!
This shirt is highly limited and each shirt comes with a special sticker pack!

AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"

To top it all off, there is also a assortment of completely new designed 5 Panel Caps.
Made in Europe! Made from awesome Linen fabric.
The perfect 5 Panel Caps to go with the new shirts.

AURORA - Linen 5 Panel CapAURORA - Linen 5 Panel Cap

As said, I hope you like this new collection.
Head over to the webshop and get your gear now!


AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Script"AURORA x Arif Demir - "TKAR Script"
AURORA - Linen 5 Panel CapAURORA - Linen 5 Panel Cap
AURORA x Peter Aurisch - "Bike 1"