Mianzi Rei – Part 2

Mianzi Rei from Berlin / Part 2
Not much to share these days, but as always I’m really busy.
In the next weeks there will be some really really nice releases. So until then enjoy those pictures and stay tuned.
Thanks again to Oliver Playford, who took these awesome pictures of Mianzi.

Not to mention that she is rocking AURORA V1 Velcro Straps and a “Intl known” Shirt. Good looks.

AURORA for good people.


Mianzi Rei from Berlin / Part 2Mianzi Rei from Berlin / Part 2

AURORA and the Olympic Games 2012 in London

AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
the Olympic Games are over and it was a great event. Though I sadly couldn’t be in London and attend the events, I watched Olympia over Streams and TV as often as possible.
The good people in Great Britain did a great job and so did all the athletes.

As some of you might have noticed in previous posts, a little part of my work was also going to be at the Olympic Games. So I was really curious to see the Track Events. The German Track Team is one of the best in the world and they had only to show it again. Two riders of the team, Maximilian Levy and Kristina Vogel, where racing with AURORA velcro straps (the sold out AURORA x KEIRIN version) for a long time now and achieved several medals in other competitions, but the Olympic Games are hard to top.
AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
So to make it short. The Olympic Games were really successful, especially the Olympic Track Cycling Events and I feel proud to be a (really) small part of it. Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte won the Gold Medal in the Women’s Team Sprint event. Kristina also made it to the 4th place in the Women’s Sprint.
Maximilian Levy won the Bronze Medal with Rene Enders and Robert Förstermann in the Men’s Team Sprint. But this wasn’t all, the most-anticipaded event was the Men’s Keirin.
Maxmilian Levy was focused and performed great in all Keirin races, for some seconds in the last round of the final he even overtook Sir Chris Hoy. But in the end Sir Chris Hoy could set free some extra power and got back the first place. It was a stunning race. Maxmilian Levy won the Silver Medal.

Hats off to the German Team and thank you for using and trusting the AURORA straps!

AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
Please check out the websites of the German Track Team and support them.

Maxmilian Levy
Kristina Vogel
Miriam Welte
Rene Enders
Robert Forstemann

German Olympic Team

AURORA at the Olympic Games in London 2012
Award ceremony with Maxmilian Levy (Silver), Sir Chris Hoy (Gold), Teun Mulder and Simon van Vemthooven (both Bronze). Photo by Phil Walter.
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Principia Track – “Phantom”

"Phantom" - Principia Track
I just wanted to post my beloved Principia to the Pedalroom website and thought that I could also post it here.
Not much personal bike content here so far, so why not change this?
The Principia is simply my favorite bike, it’s just subtle and beautiful all black. That’s why I use to call it “Phantom”.
I’ve built it up more than 2,5 years ago and just rode it since then. I will never give it away, for me this one is not replaceable and it outlived a lot other frames/parts/bikes so far. The parts used in the current built are mostly chosen because of the weight and quality. Step by step I tried to push down the weight and in the current set-up the Principia weights only about 7,5 kg.
"Phantom" - Principia Track
I also really like the AURORA V1 velcro straps on this bike. These are one of the first prototypes made in early summer 2009. I’m not riding as hard as many others and not that long as so many couriers do everyday worldwide, but I’m happy that they still do well after more than 3 years. Compared to the AURORA Straps today, they look really crappy, but it is also good to see where it all started and how everything developed in the right direction.
If you are interested in the parts, check this list:

Principia Track Frame 2004
Principia/Isaac 004 Fork – Carbon w/ Aluminium Steerer
Stronglight O’Light Headset.

Sugino RD-2 Messenger black
MKS Sylvan Track with AURORA V1 Velcro Straps.
Still one of the first ones from early Summer 2009!


Shimano DuraAce 15t NJS Cog + KMC Z710 Chain

Syntace Stratos 200 – S (39cm)
Syntace F99 – 105mm

Selle Italia Flite Titanium
Ritchey Carbon WCS Seatpost


Shimano 600 – BR-6208


Front: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.
Or FIR rim laced to Suntour Superbe Pro Hub, mostly for traveling issues.
Rear: Campagnolo Omega Hardox Strada rim laced to Gran Compe Hub with Michelin Pro3 Race Tire.

"Phantom" - Principia Track
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1st Sprintermeeting in Cologne – 22.07.2012

1. Sprintermeeting in Cologne
Last saturday, the 22nd of july, the 1st Sprintermeeting took place at the Cologne Radstadion. With several big names in the professional track cycling game, it was very interesting to see some of the best teams competing against each other and this just a few days before the Olympic Games 2012 in London start. So besides the German Track Cycling Team, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Czech Republic and also the British Team attended this event.
1. Sprintermeeting in Cologne
Also I had the chance to meet some of the riders in person, especially those who ride the AURORA velcro straps in their competitions. It was great to get feedback and also talk with Sebastian Döhrer and Tobias Wächter. Also Maximilian Levy and Kristina Vogel will sport the AURORA velcro straps during their races at the Olympic Games in London. From what I saw at the Sprintermeeting, I would say that they both definitely go for Gold in London. Maximilian Levy won first place in the Sprint against Robert Förstermann and also set a new record time at the Cologne track!
Besides these two riders, Tobi Wächter tested a new custom version of the AURORA velcro straps during his races.
The first feedback was good and I hope that my gear will help all of them during their upcoming races.
1. Sprintermeeting in CologneTobias Wächter – Keirin
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AURORA velcro straps V2 – Olympic Edition!

AURORA Velcro Straps V2 - Olympic Edition

Just some quick news.
The Olympic Games 2012 in London will start in two weeks. The German Track Cyclists will go for Gold there and of course they will be riding with AURORA Straps. They’ve tested them over the last two years and won several Championships and Medals. Now they take them to London! This is a great honor for me and underlines the quality of the gear I’m producing.

To spread the olympic idea and in honor of the 5 colors, I made those special AURORA V2 Straps – Olympic Edition. These will just be available during the Olympic Games.

Head over to the AURORA webshop and get your pair.
These are limited!

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Road to the Olympic Games 2012 in London

Maximilian Levy at UCI Track World Championships 2012
What’s good people?
A lot of cycling going on at the moment. First week of the Tour de France 2012 is over and besides a lot of crashes it is a exciting event. I’m curious about the next two weeks.
Right after the Tour the Olympic Games 2012 in London will start. This year the Games open with the road cycling events on 28th of july. But much more interesting are the Track Championships starting 2nd of august. A lot germany rider will compete and some of them will sport the AURORA Velcro straps in their races. They found them at the KEIRIN cycling cafe in Berlin and the good people at KEIRIN provided them with several pairs to check them out. In the last two years they tested and approved them in several competitions.
I’m really looking forward to see Maximilian Levy again in a thrilling battle against Chris Hoy.
In April Maximilian Levy reached the 2nd place in the Keirin Finals just centimeters after Chris Hoy at the UCI Track World Championships in Melbourne.

Good Luck!

Maximilian Levy at UCI Track World Championships 2012

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